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What are the costs of your services?
There is no standard pricing for a particular space or service, as each person’s needs, level of required organization and many other factors vary from client to client. 

A general idea of pricing can be provided by email or phone once some basic information and photos have been provided. However, for a more accurate quote, we highly recommend an on-site consultation where we can not only evaluate the space, but also learn more about your particular needs and preferences. 

Which Geographical Areas Do You Cover? 
We can provide services within the Greather Athens Area in Greece. Any other locations in Greece are by special request only.

For which sessions / parts of the process do I need to be present? 
Please visit The Process Page where we explain the general process and the client’s ideal attendance per organization stage.

How long does each session last? 
Since each project is unique, each session’s duration will vary. Once we have had the opportunity to evaluate the space(s) we will give you an estimated duration for each session. You can learn more on The Process Page.

How many members of the Refined team attend each session?
This will be determined after our initial consultation and varies from project to project, depending on the scale of work and level of expertise required. 

What days and times can sessions be arranged?
Our main working hours are 09.00 - 19.00, Monday to Friday. However, we understand that client’s schedules are busy and different days and times may need to be accommodated. This will be discussed on a case-by-case basis where required. 



Do you provide cleaning services?
Whilst we will undertake basic wiping and cleaning of surfaces and items where necessary, all areas should be properly cleaned beforehand, as we do not provide cleaning services. 

Do you provide interior design services?
Redefined is not an interior design agency, so this is not part of our official service offering. We do, however, have a passion for design and functionality, so will be more than happy to offer general design tips and advice outside of the organizational items, to those clients who are interested.

For clients who would like interior design services, we work in close collaboration with an interior designer who we would be happy to recommend. Their services are not included in our fee.

Do you provide product assembly, general repair work or furniture moving services?
Assembling small organizational items, such as boxes, is of course included in our service offering. For the assembly of larger items, such as furniture, a handyman can be arranged for an additional fee if the client does not have their own. Please note that for reasons of health and safety, the Redefined Team cannot move large pieces of furniture. 

Do I need to prepare or buy anything before any of the sessions? 
It is always best if no tidying or re-arrangement is done before each visit so the true organizational challenges can be identified.  However, it is always very helpful if the relevant spaces are clean, to make the rest of the process move forward more efficiently. 

We will provide all of the necessary equipment but may request basic items that will usually already be found in the space, such as kitchen paper, depending on the scale of work. 

Do you provide additional services not mentioned on this website? 
We believe in being flexible to cater to every client’s needs, and can therefore provide a variety of additional services, such as repair of damaged clothing, bespoke furniture or the purchase of non-organizational items, as well as many more. All such services are subject to request and an additional fee. 

We can also recommend other service providers subject to client requests. Please note that we do not accept responsibility for any services or items provided by these external suppliers.

What happens to the items which I choose to dispose of or donate?
We will gather separately all of the items for disposal and donation. The disposal of waste items are the client’s responsibility, however in the case that they can not be easily disposed of due to large size or volume, we can assist with the hiring of a professional company to do so.

In the case of donations, we can recommend charity partners depending on the kind of items (if the client does not have a preference of their own). We can also provide transport of the items for donation for a small additional charge. 

Please note that Redefined cannot accept responsibility for any items once they have been disposed of or donated. 



How will i know that the storage layout and items provided will be to my taste and suitable to my needs? 
After our initial consultation, we will provide you with photographs of our suggestions based on your individual requirements and preferences, so that the final result is one that is both aesthetically and practically ideal. 

What if one of the storage items provided is damaged or faulty? 
We individually check all storage items before adding them to your space to minimise this risk. However, if any of the provided items are damaged or faulty, they will be replaced as soon as possible at no additional charge.

Can I return storage items after they have already been used if I change my mind?
Unfortunately, items cannot be returned once they have been removed from their packaging.